2018 Summer Interior Design Trends

The generation we now live in is a social media obsessed one. Today, everyone is constantly online and looking at beautiful imagery of dream homes that they wish they could live in themselves but unfortunately can’t. Due to us all being subjected to frequent posts and things like Pinterest pins, it has as a result, made us self conscious about our homes and how they look.

The modern interior is continuously changing so it can be hard to keep up with what’s in and what’s out from a trends perspective. So to give you a helping hand, we have listed the top summer 16’ interior design trends that you need to get on board with if you want to get your home looking at its best. With the arrival of the new season, now’s your chance to take pride in your house and design your very own dream home.

Ditch The Digital

A common conversation these days is about the decline of family interaction as the emergence of technology has hindered the traditional family life. As much as parents like to blame it on their children, surveys have shown they are just as guilty as the kids that they’re blaming. The change this summer is all about ditching the tech and creating a digital free zone where the family can all escape to and spend time together. Perfect for visiting guests, hiding away to read a book and generally taking time out to converse with friends and family, the trend is a welcome addition in homes across the country. Too often we are guilty of missing out on quality time, so use what room you have to get rid of all of those electronics and get back to the traditional living room set up.

Add Some Flair to Your Surroundings

Repeatedly people argue that it is too hard to keep up with the constant changes of interior design so they don’t want to fork out a large sums of money redecorating every single room as soon as a new trend takes over or a new seasons starts. As much as most magazines or blogs will encourage you to do so, we know it is simply unrealistic.

That being said, people still want the best from their homes, so they are actively looking for ways to achieve a fresh and luxurious feel without having to spend thousands. A clever trend that has emerged this summer is the addition of wall decals. These decals are an inventive way of adding some interest to you walls and creating a focal point within your home.

They have become so popular due to the fact they allow you to add modern designs to your interior. Coming in bespoke patterns & iconic imagery, they’re highly interchangeable and affordable so you can reinvent your home whenever you need to. Whether you want to use them to show of your personality or simply to insert a bit a style, they’re a cheap alternative for adding detail to those mundane plain walls.

Bringing Outside, Inside

When it comes to furnishings, don’t be shocked to see typically designated outdoor furniture being brought into peoples homes this summer. If you’re fortunate to own a secondary living room or orangery extension, then why not consider getting on board with the trend that is seeing people taking their outdoor furniture and using it inside. With well designed ranges that are stylish and durable, people are now seeking that ever lasting quality, which is why they’re picking outdoor furniture that will withstand wear and tear. Expect to see cane furniture pieces hitting those back rooms, accompanied by bold prints, easy to maintain fabrics and full suite ranges that offer comfort and practicality.

Some Sizeable Bathroom Space

Traditionally, bathrooms have had a set purpose for years now. Built with the goal of quickly fulfilling needs of homeowners, they are regularly overlooked when it comes to redecorating. This however is no longer the case. People are getting away from cluttering their bathroom shelves, cabinets and their surfaces, and are instead making their bathroom a retreat.

This summers trend of the season is to treat yourself by creating a living space within the area. The aim is to introduce an inviting space that boasts chairs, fresh flowers, tables and furnishings that make it feel more than just a practical room. People are looking to create a relaxing area that they can take time in to pamper themselves in, and give their bodies the time they deserve to recoup. Today, there has never been a bigger emphasis on looking after yourself so why not consider implementing your own little home spa in your bathroom space.