3 Causes of Heatless Water Heater Often Occurred

Some common things that cause water heater is not hot because there is one component that does not work properly. Actually, on a household water heater machine only has 3 main components. These components, among others, the element of heat, thermostat, and also relays. Where these components have their respective functions that are equally vital. So, if one of them is damaged, of course, cause the water heater is not hot.

As a lay user, of course you will be confused if the water heater suddenly you have no heat. The good news, in this article I want to share some knowledge about some cause water heater is not hot. What are those, please refer to some of the reviews that are the subject of this paper.

Relay Disconnect

Almost all electronic devices use a relay, this tool is no other function to prevent if at any time of the occurrence of the relay will break the electrical current. So that any undesirable thing can be avoided. Relay on the water heater I mean is located on the power cable. Precisely in the middle of the cable there are boxes and also indication lamps and also some kind of buttons. If the light is off, the possibility of relay is also dead causing the water heater is not hot.

Thermostat Not Working

Usefulness of this thermostat to regulate the incoming electric current into the heat element. If the water in the water heater tube is hot, the thermostat will cut off the electric current. And will send the current to the element back after the water level started to decrease. In other words, the incoming electric current in the heat element must pass through the intermediate thermostat. Thus, if the thermostat is damaged of course the element does not work and eventually the water heater becomes not hot. For more information you can visit: http://www.plumberrozelle.com.au/hot-water/

In addition, with the thermostat is overheated water in the water heater any data. So, its function is almost the same as the thermostat on the refrigerator.

Element Heat Break / Damaged

For electric water heater attached to the main source wall to heat water using elements. As for the water heater mounted on the roof using two heat sources. i.e., during the day that utilizes heat from the sun. Obviously if this element is damaged make water heater is not hot.

The easiest way to check this element broken or not is that it can directly give direct electrical current to the element. If it is hot, it is still good and vice versa if there is no heat at all we can be sure the element is broken. In addition, we can also use multi tester with OHM range position (Ω). If the needle on multi tester shows movement, then the element is still good, and vice versa.

For household water heaters, the above 3 factors are often the cause of water heater is not hot. Because indeed as I have said earlier, for the component there are only 3 above. Except for water heaters whose heat sources use gas cylinders. Which he uses automatic and also gas cylinders.

Factors that cause no heat can of course because automatic does not work, LPG gas depleted, and so forth. Therefore, it is necessary to check directly to be more certain of the problem. May be useful.