Beni Ourain Rugs – Can They Get Any Softer?

A Beni Ourain rug, or Berber rug, is drenched in tradition and craftmanship. These rugs are a product of the Beni Ourain tribes of Morocco, using the sheep that live in the Atlas Mountains. The sheep are an ancient breed and produces a high-quality wool. Originally, the Beni Ourain rug is made out of necessity. Dating back to the Paleolithic Era, rugs were woven by the indigenous people for warmth and protection from the elements. The rugs are 100{efc8e8b1f80049d404dd8f3bbc6ae7f50a04cd823dbf930b3cbb890fa9fdc528} wool and contain absolutely no artificial dyes. This is the reason that they are traditionally white or cream in color. Additionally, they generally have geometric designs made with brown lines made from a naturally dyed wool. The designs can be very minimal using lines, or a little more ornate by creating shapes, or both. The craftmanship is unparalleled.

They are a perfect heirloom rug and can be passed down from generation to generation. Family members love these rugs because they are incredibly soft, and they tell a story. These rugs are unlike some of the very ornate, Oriental, rugs produced elsewhere in the world. They are simplistic in nature, allowing them to fit into any décor.

Since each rug is handmade by a Moroccan woman, they often tell a story. The stories are often based on the life of the woman making the rug. Therefore, the designs can vary and why they are very personal in nature. Owning one of these rugs is a true honor, as no two are the same; because no two stories are the same. The rugs are steeped in history and craftmanship, while still being able to fit into modern day interiors.

The rugs also come in several sizes, from small to extra-large. Varying sizes make it possible to fit one of these beautiful rugs in any room of the house. Having one of these rugs in a room can create depth and warmth, bringing together any décor. An added extra is the softness the rug provides under your feet. It is wonderful on a chilly winter night, bringing luxury to your feet.

If you are looking for a wonderfully soft rug that will fit into any décor, modern or traditional, the Berber rug is for you. Its simplistic nature, immersed in history, will surely become a talking point in any home. It is one of those things that will survive generation after generation because of their impeccable construction. Furthermore, they are less expensive than other types of rugs, like the ornate Oriental rugs. Making your home warm and modern does not have to break the bank, all the while helping to provide the nomadic Moroccans income to help support their families. It is like bringing a little piece of Morocco into your home. For more information click here.